Care & Handling of your Limited Edition Print

Guidelines for your AlexanderJonesArt Limited Edition print.

Caring for your Print:

  • Remove your print from the postal tube as soon as you receive it. (Keep the tube to transport it to framers)
  • Keep print flat whilst awaiting framing to avoid creasing
  • Do not over handle the print – when moving it lift from the corners to avoid touching the print area with bare fingers
  • Custom framing will enable you to choose a bespoke frame for a unique finish
  • If you are using a ready-made frame you will need A2 size (42.0 x 59.4cm or 16.53 x 23.39 inches). Trim out the white border to suit

Hanging your Print:

Your picture has been printed using a photo quality full colour inkjet printer onto 190g satin paper using water based fade-proof pigment inks. Nevertheless, to ensure the longevity of your print we recommend you:

  • Do not hang in direct sunlight
  • Do not hang directly over a heat source e.g. radiator or air duct
  • Do not hang in a room of high humidity e.g. bathroom

Certificate of Authentication:

Your limited edition print is accompanied by a COA giving the print number which corresponds to the pencil number on the reverse of your print. (Pencil is used as it doesn’t fade).

  • You should keep this Certificate safely and pass it on with the print if you are giving it to someone else as a present.
  • If custom framing you can ask the framer to attach it to the back of the frame. Otherwise store it safely. It is your proof that this is an authentic print taken directly from the original painting.

Finally: Enjoy your print and thanks for purchasing it!